The Queen of Light
The Archangel Michael

The mission of this website is to share information, not only for raising consciousness, personal development and spiritual awareness, but also  for encouraging health enhanced lifestyles.

Most importantly, this website is about helping people to remain free, both individually, politically and creatively and spiritually. Without freedom and free choice, there is no independent creativity, spiritual growth, inspired educational choices, constructive evolution or   democratic freedoms. Without democratic freedom, peace and social justice, there is no spiritual evolution or evolution in consciousness.

I am a qualified Anthropologist and I have spent many years working in all types of libraries and therefore I have had information at my fingertips. I have always been an avid researcher. I am both a Cultural Anthropologist and a Medical Anthropologist and over the years I have obtained qualifications in Aromatherapy Certificate, Colour Therapy Diploma, Massage Diploma, Kinesiology and Metaphysical/spiritual healing techniques.

Other than the above, I love and adore all beauteous things in art, music, literature, nature, people and spirituality.
May the Blessings Be!  May Freedom Prevail!

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