The Archangel Michael

This website is an eclectic mix of my own personal interests as well as my Anthropological and Healing interests. The mission of this website is to share information, not only for raising consciousness, personal development and spiritual awareness, environmental activism, maintaining freedom and democracy, but also  for encouraging health enhanced lifestyles and sharing some really interesting books for the sincere spiritual seeker and healthy lifestyle advocate.  The title of the website I chose several years ago to align with my book "Ascend with Light,"  which I published in 2010, even though  this website has now extended into other areas of interest.

I am a qualified Anthropologist and I have worked as a Micro  Palaeontologist, Natural Therapist and also spent  27 years working in all types of libraries so  I have had information and knowledge at my fingertips.
I have always been an avid researcher and truth seeker.

I have spent nearly my entire life researching comparative religions and metaphysics. Over the years I have obtained qualifications in Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy, Massage, Kinesiology and Metaphysical/Spiritual healing techniques.

Apart from that I have raised three well balanced children who are now adult and making their own positive mark on society in their own creative and independent ways.

May the Blessings Be!  May Freedom Prevail!

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