Disaster Survival Skills


Why Prepare?  Over the past few decades, Light bearers/Light Workers have been told to prepare for major earth changes, and a possible correction of the tilt of the earth's axis or pole shift.  When these earth changes occur in the final cleansing,  the planet and humanity  need adult Light bearers and their children alive, so they can help build the golden age civilization, which is expected to take around 50 years to come into effect. A dead Light bearer is of no use to anyone and Light bearers are encouraged to take seriously what I have written here. As much as we need to keep our balance and light quotient high and stay centred and calm, we also need to be prepared physically.  There is an old saying,   "Do not be so spiritual, that you are of no earthly use."
In a real major earth change situation, all the infrastructure of a town or city and possibly the country will be gone, so that is the level with what you will be dealing; so there will be no electricity, no pumped water, no transport of food products or petrol etc, so the first thing you need to get on top off is water, next is shelter and the third is food. and safety. Of course another is medical treatment for people who need it and dealing with disposal of dead bodies and animals.  You also need good community organization and not the strongest over the weaker etc, all working together for the good of the whole.

Transitional Times - We are at a stage in evolution of humanity when we are seeing the close of the 25,680 of the solar systems cycle around the central sun of this universe and at a cross roads and  transitional times when purification of the earth's systems and institutions, that are not encouraging the spiritual growth of humanity or the planet in a positive way, will be wiped from it.  Different terms are used for the time through which we are now passing, such as 'end times, Kali Yuga,  evolutionary shift of light-waves,' etc. We are living in a time when science and prophecy are meeting.  Why can't these times continue indefinitely?

Planetary Abuse -There are many areas of planetary and human abuse occurring. Currently on the planet we are seeing the hegemonic control of the planet's food resources in the hands of around ten corporations. This has occurred through countries/nation states signing United Nations, GATT and WTO trade treaties over the last 50 years. We are also seeing the widespread signing of U.N. treaties by countries or nation states as they are now called, to bring each country's-nation states domestic laws into alignment with U.N. law. The end planned result, is a one world government and new world order in which every area of our lives and freedom are legislated from under us. Environmentally, we are seeing the widespread fracking of the planet in the search for fossil fuels which are no longer sustainable for the long term environmental health of the planet. Why are they not encouraging the development of solar and other alternative technologies and implementing them? We are seeing the geo-engineering-spraying of the planetary skies with chemicals and  the use of H.A.A.R.P technologies. We are seeing the widespread pollution of the oceans and air in the northern hemisphere from radiation from the Fukushima disaster.   We are seeing religious wars and religious fundamentalism on the rise. We are seeing a widening gap between the rich and poor and the reduction of the middles classes in the west.

At this time in 2013, we are expecting a further collapse of the economic system, as the derivatives casino and high frequency trading  continues and we see, that the entire financial system is being propped up, by printing more and more money.  We are seeing the tampering with every area of life. Therefore, any intelligent thinking person, who is aware of the laws of nature and physics, knows this will not continue indefinitely. The planet itself is a dynamic living system and can only take so much abuse before mother nature corrects the imbalance.  Humans and nature cannot be subjected to pollution on the scale it is occurring with GMO's in our foods, chemical drugs for medicine on the rise and their often serious side effects,  without getting sicker and sicker. We are seeing corruption in our political and financial systems. We are seeing the mass migrations of people as they try and escape warring factions in their own country. We are seeing a dumbing down of the standards of education in the west.
What I have written above, is the tip of the iceberg and it is not the purpose of this website to enlarge on these things any further.  I have only written this to encourage people to do their own research and to start to prepare for probable financial collapse and earth changes. In the past, after a financial collapse, power elites get a war going to stimulate the economy,  such as after the 1890's depression, there was the first world war  and after the 1930's depression, there was the second world war. Get my drift!!?? However, I feel that the three scenarios are now colliding, economic collapse, war and ongoing earth changes.

I could write further about the negative aspects of the current world situation but I will not.The above is just the tip of the iceberg and people can undertake their own research.  I am more concerned that Light bearers 'wake up' and prepare for the big changes on this planet, that we are now beginning to see. The earth changes are upon as can be seen by the increase in environmental disasters.

Several years ago the Ascended Master St. Germain said: 'Be prepared for the worst and you can live for the best."  so "Carpe Diem"...seize the day and take action.

1. Number one survival skill:
MOVE FROM THE COAST. We have been told that people need to be above 63 metres at least to survive the inundation of water that is expected.  Many people have seen huge Tsunamis moving across the coastal areas. In Australia I have seen all the coastal areas moved around 50 kilometres inland, so that is how much seas are going to rise in the major earth change event. I have seen enormous Tsunamis rolling across the plains of Perth and Melbourne and water lapping around the sails of the Sydney Opera house. What I saw has been seen by other and the Scallion maps of Australia are very similar to what I saw.

If you look at this map you can see that the coastal area is further inland and land has also risen, so that means there is major tectonic plate movement, so water will be sloshing around everywhere. Land has risen around New Zealand.
On top of that the scientists have reported finding- National Geographic - 8 undersea active volcanoes under the Antartica  and giant channels melting- Science Daily report - Giant channels melt Antartic sea ice.
This may result in huge slabs or shelves of ice breaking free which may cause a huge Tsunami. Also according to the article above, if any of these volcanoes have slippage or collapse like the Mount St. Helens' volcano it can cause a huge Tsunami. Psychics in Australia have seen large tsunamis hitting the Australian coast.  We can now research the possibility of this occurring from what scientists are reporting and it is only a matter of time. From my own perspective and insight, I expect some of these things to occur within ten years and at least in my life time and my adult children's lifetime as I have had many warnings over the years
The climatic changes are certianly affecting changes in our weather and oceans and inclimate more cooling in some areas and more heating in others, so we see the extremes occurring.

Some Videos. - Dr Michael Mau in Cyprus in 2012.
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