Aquarian Earth Credo
by Amethyst Freeman
We Believe in the goodness, love and light of the Infinite Intelligence,
All-That-Is, Great Spirit, the Universal Source of all life.

We believe that this Infinite Intelligence has given
us the free will to have our own systems of religious and spiritual
beliefs and does not expect us to impose our personal beliefs on
others and that the will of this infinite intelligence represents love, light, kindness,
 abundance, positively and freedom of choice.

We Believe that the Earth is a living organism and a sentient

being who feels all our actions and should therefore be treated
with love, reverence and kindness. She is our mother who sustains
us and her well-being is our concern. There are other beings
seen and unseen sharing this planet with us.
When we harm Mother Earth we harm ourselves.

We Believe that the power of light abides in all people and

should be used in a positive manner. The great sages of all cultures
and in all ages have demonstrated this light. We need to act in
love and harmony, respect for all life, in acts of beauty and joy
in all our thoughts, words and actions – so that our light illumines
this sweet Earth.

We Believe that no person has power over another and everything and
everyone has a purpose for being here.

We Believe in the "Law of the Circle", that what we express in
thought, word and action, returns to us in like manner, with
added momentum. Universal law is exact and favours no individual.
When you hurt another, you hurt yourself.

We Believe that we live in an abundant universe and that this
abundance is available to all on Earth. All it takes,
is for people to create steadily with positive intent and consistent
action, with faith and trust and you will achieve your goals.

We Believe that it is now time for people of this earth to
reclaim their power, as in past ages we have not all been
responsible to self.
We have given our power away to law makers and

politicians, to systems of power, fear and control, to institutions
of the earth, that have acted from a place of vested interest,
instead of from a "Principle of Light and Sharing". It is now
time they changed and joined their fellow world citizens in creating
a world of peace with freedom and abundance for all.

We Believe that you change negative forms, structures and
institutions with positive forms. You do not try and change
negative energy by feeding it with more negative energy, such
as war, violence, criticisms and valued judgments.
This only adds to the momentum of the negativity and gives
it power. Instead you  join with people of positive and
harmonious intention and build structures of positive form
based on "Light Principles" which are backed by
action, faith and co-operation.

We Believe that it is the divine right of every individual
     to be free to live in peace and happiness.

We Believe that because of the innate goodness in people, that positive structures
and organizations will gather momentum
and attract others of like mind and purpose and we
 will create a world based on peace with freedom, kindness, sharing and abundance and a
healed humanity and earth.

Peace, light, love and freedom shall prevail!

(Copyright  1993 and Beyond. Amethyst Freeman)
If using as a personal affirmation of intention, you may like to change the 'We Believe' to 'I Believe.'