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Welcome to the Temple of Healing Angels and Devas

  Welcome to the Archangels Healing Temples of Light situated on higher 4th dimensional octaves/planes of cosmic white light which are situated beyond the third dimensional and astral planes of mankind's effluvia.
    The Seven Archangels and their legions of Angels work through the seven great cosmic rays of light in this system of worlds. All the seven Archangels and their "Legions of Light," work with different qualities of the colour rays and each can help to heal us depending on what quality we need to correct. Every ray has a colour, a perfume and sound and an Archangel connected to it,  so on higher dimensional levels, each ray works through a healing synergy of colour, sound/music, perfume and with angelic legions of light. On the earth plane healing works through a synergy of colour, perfume/ sound/ crystals which is solidified sound and Mother Nature gifts, herbs and essences, tinctures, essential oils, and drugs whether natural or having been changed/synthesized by pharmaceutical companies and also our emotions and psychology.
    The major ray of light for healing is predominatly associated with the Archangel Raphael and Archea Mary (who was embodied as the mother of Jesus) whose colour is emerald green and which is also on the 5th ray of healing within the cosmic white light.

The other predominant angels are Archangel Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst and their legions of light who work on the 7th violet and purple rays of transmutation , freedom, mercy and forgiveness and the Archangel Chamuel and Charity who work on the third ray of Divine Love whose colour is pink.
Healing cannot occur without love, love for life, love for ourselves, love for  the angels and love for our creator/God/Goddess and those people who help us on the physical level. We also need to forgive others and to forgive ourselves for mistakes we have made in this and past embodiments. We do this by asking for forgiveness and invoking the Violet Flame of Transmutation to transmute all negative energy back into pure white light.

Archangel Gabriel and Hope are also important when trying to heal ourselves, as we require the energies of hope and purity. They work on the great diamond white ray of light whose qualities are purity, ascension and hope. We also have to have faith that we shall heal and this quality is a quality of the great Archangel Michael and his partner Archea Faith...whose quality is faith and protection and they both work through the first sapphire blue ray on the cosmic white light.   The Archangel Michael protects us and he cuts us free from bad habits, negative entities and energies and harmful substance, addictions and people who may harm us.
The other major aspect of healing is prayer, invocation and ritual and in the ancient healing temples and shrines in Greece at Epidaurus,the Shrine and sanctuary of Ascelpius, the Greek God of Medicine and in  Egypt,
Sekhmet Goddess of fire,war and healing,   the Priests and Priestesses prayed and invoked the help of deities of healing whilst  lighting their candles and ritual burners, burning incense to purify their space and chanting prayers. We can also do this in the privacy of our homes or in our churches and healing sanctuaries and ceromonies.

The other aspect of healing is praying to our own God Presence or I AM Presence and our higher self or Holy Christ self /higher mental body who exists on the plane of perfection on the fifth dimension and who can assist our body elemental..a nature spirit/elemental who works with our Holy Christ self to facilitate healing in our physical body. It is the elemental kingdom under the instruction of the Maha Chohan or Great Lord  who channel the energies of ligh tand perfection, who are the builders of form on a physical level...as above so below.We are beings of light, created from light and to light we shall return and so is the earth.

So welcome to the "Temple of Healing Angels and Devas" and some of the healing modalities they use on this physical plane. Firstly welcome to the seventh solar plane where the great ray of perfume is created, where the air is a very pale amethyst shade, shimmering with a transparent ethereal silvery energy that sparkles and shines with life force and healing energy.The Solar Lord of the Great Perfume Ray works very closely with the Solar Lord of Nature growth. In the heart of each natural blossom is the beautiful ray of perfume, created with love and sustained by the devas and dedicated Angelic Hosts who know only perfection.

Welcome to Aromatherapy and Essential oils!


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