I have used essential oils for many years in maintaining my health and my youthfulness. I understook training with Sue Lavell one of W.A''s top clinical Aromatherapists. 

     The re-discovery of the use of Essential Oils is God's/Goddess gift to humanity at this crucial time on planet earth, when there is so much illness and pollution.

     Essential oils cross the blood brain barrier and work on all levels of being, the physical, the etheric, the emotional, the psychological and the  spiritual.

     Essential oils help maintain the vibrational frequency for health at a sub atomic level. Every organ in your body vibrates to a specific frequency of light, measured by hertz. 

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     When buying essential oils it is important to ensure they are of therapeutic grade of purity and NOT synthetic or adulterated with other substances or labelled commercial.
Reputable companies use  Gas Chromatography  (GC) and Mass Spectometry (MS)  to test for adulteration of oils. Also know your supplier.
Also if you have bought a single oil and unsure put a couple of drops on a piece of blotting paper and if pure when dry it will not leave a stain.

    The American College of Healthcare Sciences has a comprehensive article on checking the quality of essential oils.

Frequencies of Essential oils in mhertz.

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