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 Who are the Ascended Masters?:
An Ascended Master or Lady Master is a person who was embodied on earth and who has reached the attainment of the Christ consciousness as demonstrated by Jesus Christ and who has mastered time and space and who has ascended to the higher dimensional worlds and who no longer needs to return to earth in the cycle of rebirth, also known as reincarnation or re-embodiment of the soul and spirit. They reside in the fifth dimension and above and they also have retreats in the etheric octave-4th dimension of the planet. The etheric plane is the highest plane of the matter cosmos.
We are told that there are more Ascended Masters living in higher dimensions than un-ascended beings in this dimension. Ascended Lady and Ascended Masters are from all cultures and religions on the planet. Click on the yellow links below to see their past lives of embodiment.
Amongst there ranks are Jesus Christ- the Avatar for the Piscean 2,000 year cycle, Saint Germain - also known as the 17th century wonderman of Europe- and the Aquarian Avatar for the next 2000 year cycle, Guatama Buddha, Quan Yin, David Lloyd-who made the physical Ascension, El Morya Khan, Kuthumi - who also embodied as Saint Francis of Assissi, Mother Mary-mother of Jesus, Mark Prophet-Ascended Master Lanello, Guy W.Ballard - the I AM Movement - became the Ascended Master Godfre, Archangels and their feminine compliments, and various God and Goddesses prior to the Christain dispensation, such as Fortuna, Helios and Vesta, Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus, to name a few. Some  beings have never lived on this planet but have ascended from other systems of worlds. 
The "Great White Brotherhood"– Consists of the Ascended Masters and Ascended Lady Masters, Archangels and Angels, avatars and saints of east and west, including Jesus, Buddha, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Saint Germain. Beings who have ascended back to wholeness with God and in the use of Light’s energy and who work as a team to help mankind and the earth.

In this system of worlds they work through the seven ray colours of the white spiritual light in their pure state of Blue-1st Ray, Golden Yellow or Sunshine Yellow as 2nd Ray, Pink as 3rd Ray, Diamond White as 4th Ray, Emerald Green as 5th Ray, Ruby flecked with Gold as 6th Ray. Violet as 7th Ray.

The word “White” in the title “The Great White Brotherhood,” refers to the qualities they embody as a whole, or the white light or Christ light through the purity of their auras. The seven rays of light combine to make the white light. It has nothing to do with race or colour or ethnicity as their members come from all races of mankind and cosmic beings.
In Revelation Chapter: 3, 5 and 18, Jesus says; “He that over cometh shall be clothed in white raiment.” When you work with The Great White Brotherhood you feel uplifted, light, joyful and loved.

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