Sunday 26th January, 2014.

What the Ascended Masters Say About Marijuana Usage! 

I just thought I would write this article for people to read, as this particular drug is now being legalized in many places. Also recently  there have been many supporting stories on CNN promoting medical marijuana and legalization of the drug.  

I personally have never used marijuana. I always had a healthy respect for having control over my own mind and I had also read, when I was around 19 years of age, a series of books about drugs and the problem with drug addiction in Asia with various cartels over there during the 1950s and 1960s. 

Now I am more spiritually aware, and from the light-bearers perspective, I believe that anything that is addictive and which has control over us, is not mastery and when one is on the Ascension path, self mastery is one of the keys to ascension. Also medical doctors do not have the metaphysical/spiritual knowledge of what affect many drugs have on the soul, even the pharmaceutical drugs that are legal. There is a chemical addiction and an astral entity attachment/addiction to narcotic drugs and some pharmaceutical drugs and that is why they are addtictive. Because there is now a push to legalize marijuana for general use, I am posting this article for those who may be interested in an 'Ascended Master' perspective.

I cannot comment on marijuana's medical use or on what some people are now claiming and with regards to the use of marijuana oil and also when marijuana is used in the final days of cancer sufferers, which I believe should be under controlled medical prescription and supervision. 

I am posting this from a Light-bearers and a spiritual perspective.

Over the years, I have seen the suffering and death of friends' children who were born in the late 1970s and 1980s, from narcotic drugs and in others, the loss of personal will through marijuana usage and alcohol addiction.I have esperienced this within my own family as well, so I know the harm that can be done and how parents often do not know which way to turn or who to turn to, for help with their children or partners.

There is so much today that is subtly been applied and legalized and even mandatory  to lessen people's personal will and free choice, from mandatory addition of fluoride in our water to subliminals in advertising and the mainstream media and even manipulation of our genetic inheritance.  These are all forms of enslavement. If you are on the Ascension path one needs to be ever vigilant and often swim against the tide of the mass consciousness and the consenient media.

Summit Lighthous Encylcopaedia article about marihuana.

In Paths of Light and Darkness, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet write about the dangers of marijuana, which Saint Germain has called the "death drug."

by Mark prophet

:The following article is from the book:


"Considered to be relatively harmless by many today, this concept of the harmlessness of marijuana is part of the drug itself and the entities that perpetuate the drug; this is their influence upon the population—that it is harmless, and that we ought to be free to smoke marijuana if we wish. As a result, there have been many attempts to legalize the drug, in spite of the proven negative effects on health. Even beyond this are the spiritual effects: the crown chakra, the third eye and the throat are all involved. We find that the clouding of the brain with the substance of marijuana and its chemical derivatives fills the cells of the brain with a substance whereby the Light of God cannot be contained within those cells.... 


"Relying on their own personal experiences, marijuana users believe that it is harmless because they perceive no difficulties. They do not perceive the difficulties because their faculties of perception are being destroyed while they use it. And so they have a receding level of the ability to discern within themselves levels of their own God-awareness. Day by day they perceive no harm because marijuana is destroying not only the physical senses but the senses of the soul. This is one of the most subtle dangers of marijuana and most other psychedelic drugs. The user is rendered incapable of detecting the changes in himself. 


"This is the subtlety of the cult of death. With each joint, the smoker is deprived of a certain essence of life within the cells and the ability to perceive that he has indeed lost just a little bit of the essence of life. Therefore, he can never see himself as he was or as he is, because inherent in the drug is the destruction of the ability to perceive life and that life is waning."   


If you would like to learn more about the ascended masters' perspective on marijuana, Paths of Light and Darkness, chapter 1 "The Cult of Hedon," contains comprehensive teaching from the messenger on the subject of this and other drugs, which present such a serious threat to the spiritual evolution of the lightbearers on planet earth. "

Therese Emanuelle Grey  talks about Marihauna and Ascended Master Teachings.

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