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Cancer is the scourge of the modern era and we have to ask ourselves... What causes Cancer?

Having lost my own father when I was sixteen years of age and going through his disease and treatment, I personally have had the experience of a loved one dying from this terrible disease long before their time.

If there is a cure for cancer and if it is being withheld from the general public, then those people and institutions behind the coverup and the medical profession itself are committing a serious crime against humanity, and gaining a terrible karma for themselves.
My father developed cancer of the stomach in the mid 1960s and he had the most relief from a machine called the Tronado machine which was based (as far as I know) on Rife technology. However they banned the use of the machine here in Western Australia and consequently he undertook orthodox treatment and died a very painful death. He was 48 years of age and passed away in 1964.

The article below is incorrect in saying the Tronado machine was used in the 1970s as it was used earlier in the 1960s. John Tonkin a W.A. Premier campaigned for its use. "After his first wife and daughter died of cancer, Tonkin campaigned for many years for radio-wave therapy treatments for cancer sufferer's and he set up a treatment clinic run by cancer surgeon John Holt in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. At the time he became Premier and married his second wife in the early 1970s, he was already widely renowned for his tireless support of the Tronado anti-cancer machine" cited Wikipedia.

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May you be blessed with good health!

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