The Divine Feminine- Divine Goddeses.
    Where are the ancient Goddesses of the light of past eras? Well they are still with us today on ascended levels in higher octaves of light. They are as near as a prayer, a decree, a mantra and a call or even a song. They have their retreats in the etheric level of the earth. You may ask to visit them at night while your body sleeps and your spirit is free to enter higher dimensions.
     However, not all the Goddesses in Sumer and Mesopotamia who were worshipped, were of the Ascended levels of Divine Light but they were from the ranks of the technological advanced extra terrestrial beings who came down to earth from other planets at that time  and were worshipped as Goddesses by the more primitive races. You can read about these beings in the Zecharia Sitchen books.

     In past eras peoples of ancient cultures prayed and performed rituals  to the Divine Feminine in the form of Divine Goddesses.  This was in the era around 2,000 years ago and preceding that during the Neolithic era,  when they they worshipped, "The Great Mother Goddesss" and other Goddesses in their fertility rites. During this time, the feminine was recognized as sacred and it was the time before the Judeo Christian religions and Buddhism smote them from their writings and belief, apart from Mother Mary in Catholicism and in Buddhism Quan Yin and the DivineTaras. Since that time, we have seen that the religions and culures of the world have been largely patriarchial, male dominated. For the past two thousand years the patriarchial religions introduced systems of patriarchal lineage within most cultures.  Prior to this it is understood that the culures were more either matrilineal or partnership type cultures. Even in India where Goddesses were still worshipped, we saw a patriarchial caste system, however the feminine was still worshipped in their temples in the form of Parvati,Lakskmi, Sita, Saraswati, Kali, Aditi and others.
 As Riane Eisler says in her book "The Chalice and the Blade,"page 94, regarding the Hebrew religions,

   "Although the Hebrew word Elohim has both feminine and    
    masculine roots, (incidently explaining how in Genesis both
    woman and man could be created i Elohim's image), all other
    appellations of the deity such as King, Lord, and Father and
    shepherd are specifically male."

The denial of the feminine and therefore woman in divinity, is remarkable in view that much Hebrew mythology was drawn from Mesopotanian and Canaanite myths.  Also even after Hebrew invasions, the people of Canaan, continued to worship the Goddess.

Around three thousand years ago, in the Mediteranean area, Crete fell somewhere around 4300 - 4200 B.C.E. It was a time when the ancient world was invaded by wave after wave of barbarian  male dominated peoples and the Goddess was relegated to the role of mother or wife of the male Gods or made Goddesses of war and other titles. In Anatolia, where the people of Catal Huyuk lived in peace for thousands of years, the Hittites invaded and that civilization fell as well to the warrior tribes.
     In Europe the destruction of the Neolithic societies occurred around the 5th millenium B.C.E with the invasion of the warlike Kurgans or Aryans, who swarmed down into Europe  from the Asiatic and European north east . The development of metal weapons played a big part in these invasions. So throughout the ancient world, the peaceful agrarian civilizations fell and the worship of the divine feminine and respect for the Goddess and women disappeared. Even in the Bible Mary Magdalene who was Jesus partner was made a prostitute. However within the Gnostic gospels they speak of her differently. In the Gospel of Philip it says:
     "There were three women who always walked with the Lord,
       Mary his mother, her sister and the Magdalene, the one who
       is called his companion.His sister, his mother and his companion  
       were each a Mary."from :The Gospel of Thomas, James M.  
       Robinson,  Nag Hammadhi Library in English. pge 145, 1988.

     According to the Gospel of Philip, there was some antipathy between the disciple Peter and Mary Magdalene, so the early church fathers who wrote the Christian New Testament delegated her to being a prostitute, the fallen woman.
     In the current era we have seen the awakening in the west to the Goddess and the divine feminine and we need this balance to maintain evolution and creativity and compassion in our societies, the flow of the balanced Yin and Yang energies of the Great Tao.
However in this year of 2021 it is a concern when we see new gender ideologies and ignorant people now beginning to make all humans genderless and the names of mother, father, wife etc., as being non politically correct. One may ask; "is the divine feminine again being made an item of the past and with them the male gender as well into a transhumanistic robotic creation?"
Written by Amethyst

         Pallas Athena                  Queen of Light                        Quan Yin


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