Living Flame of life


Prayer to Our Earth Mother.

You are our Earth Mother!
We Thank you Mother for allowing us to live on your body.
Please forgive those who are ignorant of your sentient being.
Please forgive those who destroy your lungs, your forests and trees and growing things,  your living breath,
Please forgive those who pollute your rivers and waters and who remove your motherly fluids, your waters of life.
Without these life would not exist.
We thank thee Oh Earth Mother for the sustenance of our lives,
We thank you for the beautiful vistas that mould your form.
Your skeletal structure of mountains, hills and rocks.
These we may view, touch, smell and enjoy.
Through this prayer we connect with all beings seen and unseen who love  you.
We send a united wave of purest love from our hearts to yours, into the core of your being.
We embrace you and heal you with our love and light.
Thank you our Earth Mother for our home, on which we live, love, grow and play.
We Love You!

Copyright: By Amethyst Freeman, 2001 and Beyond.Permission is given to use on other websites in its current form without any alteration.

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