The Importance of Freedom


Freedom is probably the most important issue that is fought over on the planet, as without freedom and free choice, we can not follow our own intuition, conscience or even evolve  as a species either  physically, materially, creatively or spiritually.
If we study the history of the evolution of freedom on the planet, we can see it has been a constant struggle for people to gain their political, spiritual and material freedom. Even today we see this struggle continuing not only in third world countries but also in the West where we feel have gained a certain level of freedom and democracy to exercise our own free will.
However, today in the current era we are seeing this freedom being whittled away via stealth, via trade treaties signed via the United Nations. This has allowed for the growth of the corporate state that has free access to the world's resources around the globe.  This is particularly the case in the modern day media, the food and pharmaceutical industries and now in almost every area of our lives.

The Ascended Masters of  'The Great White Brotherhood'  ( the term 'white 'indicates the purity of their auras, nothing to do with race or ethnicity), inform us that freedom on this planet cannot be taken for granted.  The greatest freedom is when we no longer have to re- incarnate here and can return to our spiritual home in higher dimensions beyond duality.

There are certain forces on this planet who do not want this to happen, as they cannot manipulate the higher dimensions of light beyond duality. This is why we are seeing an increase in controls, wars and other chaotic activities occurring, and the low morals in the media and so much violence. All to keep the status quo and the lowest common denominator.  Chaos is being deliberately manipulated  and encouraged so as to keep us functioning at a specific level of frequency within the white light spectrum, where we can be controlled. Of course, this will not be allowed to continue forever, as cosmic cycles turn and the planet and solar system are now at the cusp of the turning of such a cosmic cycle.
We are seeing an increase in solar flares, comets and other cosmic events occurring as more and more higher frequencies of light are penetrating the solar system and the planet and our solar system is being absorbed by the expanding energies of the central sun of this universe.
It is important for people to realize the modus operandi of the controllers and for people to  maintain their own light , purity, harmony and peace and to know that one with God is the majority.
It is also important to become active in their political arena and local communities and to start building grass roots movements, growing their own foods and building local support alternatives.

If the chaos continues and the abuse of the earth continues by corporations mining fossil fuels and geo-engineering and genetic manipulation and enslavement ofcountries and people, this will result in enormous earth changes occurring as nature seeks to re-estabish the balance and divine order and those people who survive, will then have to depend on their own resources.
The readings of Edgar Cayce the American Christian mystic of the 20th century,  say that similar activities were occurring in the days of Atlantis which resulted in the sinking of Atlantis. The law of the universe is light and love and only so much negativity can be sustained without destruction. The wheels of God and the laws  of God /Universe turn slowly but surely and according to cosmic timetables. We have been given freewill so we can evolve spiritually to higher dimensions, any force that trys to curtail freedom will eventually be overcome by these laws and the turning of the cosmic timetable. Make sure you choose the winning side as destined by immutable cosmic/universal laws.

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