Universal Healing Prayer

Mighty I AM Presence, Mighty Hosts of Ascended Masters,Archangel Raphael and Great Hosts of Healing Angels! Direct your mighty 'Flames of Light and Love,' in their Cosmic Action and Healing Power throughout the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies of every human being on the Earth!

Annihilate the cause, core, matrix, record and effect of all epidemics, pandemics and viral disease! Blast, dissolve and transmute on every level, the fear and hypnotic sinister suggestion that causes them!

Blaze the Blue Lightening, the Violet Flame and the Great Emerald Healing Flames through all disease . 

Charge this forth so powerfully, that it consumes anything unlike itself and Blessed, Beloved humanity looks up once again unto the Light of Freedom, takes its 'Scepter of Dominion' and comes forth the Victorious Presence of the Mighty “I AM,” Lord of Life, eternally free.

Charge Forth through us the fullness of the Ascended Masters' Light,Love and instantaeous Healing Power into all disharmonious conditions and produce Perfection and hold your Dominion Forever!

We Thank Thee!

We accept this done right now, consciously and physically manifest, manifest, manifest with full power and eternally sustained and all powerfully active, ever expanding through humanity and the Earth. .This I/we command and it is so. Amen. Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM!

N.B. You may replace the words Ascended Masters with Jesus Christ, Mother Mary if you are Christian, or Buddha for Buddhist and Quan Yin depending on your spiritual belief.

Copyright: 2020 - Permission given to use in its current format.

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