earth and angel

Pure Essential Oils

Prayer of Protection for Light Bearers and the Planet


*Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and Holy Christ self,
Beloved Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael and your Legions
of light, Beloved Ascended Masters and Great Ascended Cosmic
Forces of Light:

"I AM, I AM, I AM, calling to the Great Central Sun, to the Celestial City Foursquare builded therein, to the Thrones, Principalities and Powers of regenerate and Celestial Divinity, to the Divine Reality of the Godhead, and to the Celestial Principalities and Powers of Light to protect the Divine Plan in every man, woman and child upon
this planet, and especially within myself as a servitor of Light and within all those servitors of Light who recognize the majesty of the Godhead and the mediatorship of the Christ Consciousness.

I AM calling for an impenetrable shield of Cosmic Light Substance to be placed around each such an individual and their original God-Design and around those persons, places, conditions or things which require protection from the Godhead invoked by mankind here below, to be called forth now until the coming of the Kingdom of God into complete planetary manifestation.

I accept this done right now and with full power. I AM this done right now with full power. I AM I AM I AM the fullness of the Divine plan of infinite protection from the heart of Archangel Michael and his legions of protection and Good will, from the heart of the mighty Elohim of the First Ray and the Chohan thereof, until God's Will is come into outer manifestation". *This I Command it and so!   Amen Om!

Copyright: Cited  from "Jesus Watch".1965-77, p.26 with a *variation.

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