Why do we Become Sick?


WELCOME!..  to my "Ascend with with Light's" - Radiant Health and Self Healing pages, which have been collated for your general knowledge on maintaining health and to help you on your self healing journey. The health and healing information in these pages is based on natural and complimentary healing technologies and products and links to experts in some of these fields.

My professional qualifications are as an Anthropologist and Medical Anthropology comes under that umbrella.

Over the years I have undertaken many natural healing courses and have diplomas and certificates in:
Massage, Aromatherapy, Colour Therapy, Ki Force Healing, Touch for Health, Kinergy ( Kinesiology) and I have researched and studied herbalism, healing with crystals and metaphysical/spiritual healing modalities and healing methods used by indigenous people.
Having worked in libraries for most of my working life I have had access to many books on healing and my own library has an extensive collection of these  books.

Because of my interest in these topics, I decided to collate some of the information on these pages as there are so many people now who are ill and developing cancer and other diseases. I trust the information will be of help to you. I have also included links to some other recommended sites and products. Please browse the info provided and the links provided. Wishing you radiant health?

Why do we become sick...causes?
Cancer ..information and healing it naturally.

Disclaimer: The information on this site does not replace the knowledge and experience of your doctor or a trained health professional.

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