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Raising Your Light Quotient
    There is a lot of talk today about raising your frequency or light quotient of your physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies to ascension frequency , so you move beyond the third dimension to at least the fourth or fifth dimension beyond the enslavement of the third dimension. The key to this is of course purity in thought, feelings, mind and action as well as transmuting and purifying any negative energies in your four lower bodies.                                                                                  
      Ascended Master teachings state, that a heavenly dispensation was givento mankind that allows us to have only transmuted  only 51% of our karma and we do not have to return to the third dimension, but can cleanse the rest in the fourth dimension and ascend from there. Jesus was said to have had at least 95% of his karma transmuted when he undertook  the mission of the Christ for the Piscean age. So this is a wonderful dispensation given to mankind.
     There are many ways to purify your physical body through nutritional, organic and raw foods and purified water as well as fasting. Using organic products and cleaning agents and staying away from chemicals. Dont let dentists paint your teeth  with fluoride. Have your amalgams removed.  Dont drink too much coffee as it puts cadmium into your body. I drink mainly dandelion coffee and herbal drinks. Coffee lowers your body hertz to around 58, sniffing essential oils or applying them immediately raises your frequency. The human body vibrates between  62 Mhertz to 68 Mhertz of the light fequency. We are beings of light.
     Crystals and pure gems are great for raising your frequency. Frequency  is defined as a measurable rate of  electrical energy that is constant between any two points.
     Do some form of spiritual work, meditation, prayers, chanting, decrees and do use the Violet Flame of transmutation.
   Organic and therapeutic essential oils are great for helping you to raise your frequency as well as transmuting, emotional and psychological problems, calming us down and physical healing. The following is a list of some of the hertz frequency of Young Living Essential Oils.
 Please go to this page for the list of essential oils frequency.

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