Earth's Magnetic Field
Deva of Sacred Site

Sacred Sites

The pure  cosmic light substance  or energy that flows from the central sun of this universe and then through our solar sun to the earth, energizes the electro- magnetic grid that surrounds the earth itself. This light enters the earth through the north and south pole of the planet and then surrounds the planet in a grid like formation. Some people refer to this grid as the crystalline earth grid. Where the lines of light cross each other, a  spiralling vortex of energy occurs and these natural occurring portals of energy are referred to as sacred sites or power spots. Different cultures have various names for the lines of energy that surround the planet. These lines of energy are sometimes referred to as ley lines, dragon lines, lung mei, spirit paths, fairy paths and songlines in Australia.  

Over the centuries various cultures have sensed and realized that these power spots were in indeed sacred as they could sense a heightened form of energy occurring at these sites.  Some of the sites were also recognized as inter-dimensional  portals.

Manmade Sacred Sites

The other type of site referred to as sacred sites are those archaeological sites that have been created by humans, such as places of ritual or ceremony over hundreds or thousands of years. Some of these sites were built on naturally occurring power spots of the earth, as people were able to feel the heightened energy at these places. In Britain for instance, many of the Christian Churches replaced the old pagan religious sites to the Goddess, with Christian Churches dedicated to the Archangel Michael or Mother Mary.

Also in ancient Neolithic times, religious ceremonies and burial mounds were often built over naturally occurring earth power spots.We live in an electrical energized and integrated universal system. The Ascended Masters tell us that although space appears as being black, it is not and it is actually filled with cosmic light substance. It is just that the vibratory frequency is too high for our physical eyes and we are unable to see this light.

The study and research of Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage and altered states of consciousness - ASC's, experienced at these sites was the topic of my Anthropological  thesis. My interest in sacred sites occurred from my experiences as a child when walking and playing in the Australina bush and sensing the change of energy in certain areas. Some of my friends were also Aboriginal Australians, so some knowledge was learned from them.

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