The Earth Grid.



Sacred Sites and Altered States of Consciousness-ASCs
Pic of the Oracular Site of Delphi.
For  centuries, people from orthodox and pagan religions of the world have gone on pilgrimage to famous churches, sacred sites, grottoes, temples and  places of visitation of spiritual beings apearances, such as Lourdes or Mt Shasta.

Since the 1970s large numbers of people have been attending new age
pilgrimages as part of their spiritual quest. There are now hundreds of
new age pilgrimages advertised on the Internet and in some
new age magazines.
When new agers undertake a pilgrimage it is often to a sacred site that may be recognized as an archaeological site or an important indigenous site. Sacred sites or power places may be situated in caves, mounds,mountains, wilderness areas, islands, forests or where stone monuments containing crystalline and magnetic qualities have been erected by Neolithic and ancient people from the historic past. Orthodox shrines and earth shrines of eastern religions and Christianity are also known as sacred sites and some have been constructed over former pagan power spots. Sacred sites are often constructed on earth powerspots, where leylines or the earth's energy meridians cross and create a spiraling vortex of energy. Sensitive people can actually feel and see this energy and often experience altered states of consciousness or ASCs at these sites.
     Certain areas of the earth's surface have a higher geo-magnetic field or resonance and appear to stimulate the experience of altered states of consciousness. My own subjective experience has been that some people experience ASCs without any induction process such as drumming, chanting, meditation or hallucinogenic drugs etc.
Within Indigenous cultures anthropologists call these experiences shamanic experiences and they may include, trance, possession,clairvoyance, clairsentience, out of the body experiences or shamanic flight to other realms or dimensions. Delphi is a famous site of the ancient world where people came to hear the propehcies and get advice from the  Pythia oracle at that site.

In the book "Eagle's Quest," physicist Dr.Fred Alan Wolf mentions that ancient builders used sacred sites of high natural radioactivity or radioactive carbon as mind changers to enhance ritual
experience and hallucinogenic experience The higher resonance of energy at sacred sites appears to affect the consciousness of pilgrims who have more highly sensitized nervous systems. I speak of this from an experiential perspective, having experienced these states myself and even locating a power spot in the hills near where I live.

The scientific world view recognizes that the earth possesses a north and south pole that creates a polarized field of positive and negatively charged energy or force field that surrounds the earth. New agers refer to this force field as a magnetic grid or earth grid and the lines of energy as leylines In New Age terminology and where leylines intersect, energy spirals are created and they are referred to as vortexes, or inter-dimensional doorways or portals.

The Mescalero Indians of south eastern New Mexico and west Texas
believe that there are certain places of enhanced power on the earth where the two dimensions intersect, allowing people to make journeys from one side of the mirror to the other.  Shamans and sensitive people are able to intuit these places of power and the ancient religions of the druids, paganism and eastern religions refer to these lines of magnetic energy as dragon lines or serpent lines or in Chinese culture as lung mei.
Within Irish mythology the story of fairy paths exist and the anthropologist Marina Roseman  her book "Healing Sounds from the Malaysian Rain forest" explains the Temiar people's belief of special paths whose directions are remembered by songs. The Aborigines of Australia refer to these lines as dreaming tracks or song lines.

TheNew Age Movement is an experiential and self reflective social and
spiritual movement and individuals within this movement are on quests
which entertain not only a search for 'spiritual meaning' in life, but
also the desire to experience the revelatory and altered states of
spiritual life. I believe this quest can be compared with the Christian
quest for the 'Holy Grail.' Part of the quest for the grail
was to embark on a pilgrimage in the belief that personal spirituality
was being enhanced. John Matthews describes the Christian quest for the 'Holy Grail' when he says, "no matter what form the quest took, the
objective remained the same: a spiritual goal representing inner
wholeness, union with the divine, self-fulfillment" New agers
undertake pilgrimage for a variety of reasons and for many it
is to have a personal experience of the sacred  and
existential aspect of spiritual life. Whether this feeling is
experienced as an altered state of consciousness or to fulfill an inner
compulsion to live a more spiritually based lifestyle or to perform
rituals for healing the planet, the new age seeker obtains support from
pilgrimage in this quest. All except one of the interviewees when asked
if they experienced a transcendental or altered state whilst
visiting a sacred site answered : "Yes." One women experienced
a powerful spiritual awakening, which continued for several days. All
interviewees experienced positive experiences whilst visiting the sites