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The Violet Flame
The dispensation of the "Violet Flame of Mercy, Compassion, Freedom and Transmutation," was given by the Seventh Ray Ascended Master St. Germain to Guy Ballard of the "I AM Movement" in the 1930s. It was given as a dispensation from the spiritual hierarchy for the planet who are  referred to as 'The Great White Brotherhood." The term 'white' in the title has nothing to do with ethnicity or race but refers to the white light of their auras.  It's members include Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Brahma, Vishnu and Shive, the seven Archangels and their divine compliments, the seven mighty Elohim, who are creators of form in the matter universes and many other saints who have  ascended beyond time and space.     
The Violet Flame is the highest aspect of the white light that manifests through the white light and seven ray colour spectrum on this planet. In scientific terms, every colour manifests a specific vibration and momentum and frequency of light measured in hertz. When an Ascended Master adds the momentum of his light and power to it, it carries great transmutative spiritual power and momentum of spiritual light which manifests as a flame of sacred fire. 
We invoke and call/pray for the 'Violet Flame' to transmute all problems on the planet and in our lives. It is the great gift that has been given at this time in the world's evolution to help the Lightbearers ascend and to clean up the mess that mankind and other beings have made of the earth and the environment and their own lives.The Violet Flame is the 'Grace of God' given to us at this stage in our evoluton.

Carpe diem - Seize the Day! For Time is short! Use the Violet Flame to transmute negativity  and negative prophecy in any form.There are Angels of the Violet Flame to whom you can call for a specific action.

Violet Flame Meditation Video chanting

You can learn more about the Violet flame and transmuting negative prophecy and world and personal karma ( sins in orthodox terms) by clicking on this LINK

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