Why Do We Become Sick?

In today's world there are many causes behind illness and ill health. However the main cause of disease  or dis-ease is because we have impeded the flow of light to sustain the body at the dense physical level and the sub atomic level, so the physical body begins to break down. Our physical body is sustained from the universal light energy that flows via our sun into the chakra system which is situated in what is called the etheric subtle  body or the memory body. Light enters  our physical body via the seven major chakras situated in the etheric subtle body as well as the minor chakras and the nadis and meridian points. The etheric subtle body is like  a giant electrical system and we absorb light from the sun through it and we absorb magnetic energy from the earth via our feet chakras which then flows into our physical body.

When the physical body dies, we take the etheric or memory body with us, so all that is recorded in that etheric or memory  body, returns with us in our next life and is linked  to our genes and this is why illness can become heriditary. Orthodox medicine calls Illnesses which are passed down via the family genetic system, as being hereditary or genetic illness.

Once the body becomes ill on a physical level, we need to purify ourselves or to unblock what is stopping the flow of light in the etheric subtle body and also  to the physical body. It's a bit like unblocking a drain. As we do this and more light can flow into our  etheric and then physical body, the frequency of the atoms, cells and electrons at a sub-atomic level vibrate more quickly and at a higher frequency of light and this allows the self healing mechanism of the physical body to increase and then we begin to heal. Our self healing mechanism is linked to our immune system and they work together to heal the physical body. This healing works on every level of our four lower bodies...the mental, emotional, etheric and the dense physical bodies.

So the overall key to good health and healing is purity in body, soul, mind emotions thoughts, environment, in what we eat drink and breathe.

Things that block the flow of light are:
Chemical pollution in our food and water, fluoride, chlorine, mercury etc. and other chemicals.
Processed foods that have preservatives and do not have the natural energetic principle or enzymes in them, because of the way they are processed.
Carcinogenic subtances such as alcohol, tobacco etc.
GMO's - Genetically Modified Organisms in our food and what they feed animals.
Chemicals in the personal products you use.
Women with breast cancer need to be very careful of the deodorants they use.
 Young Living Essential Oil Company sell a pure product. Look under personal care.
Chemicals in cleaning products.
Negative thinking and feeling.
Anger..which leads to depression.
Some orthodox medicines.
Chemotherapy lowers the immune system
Sugar (glucose) feeds cancer and weakens the immune system.
Rock Music weakens the heart.
Negative  films and subliminals that may be in them, horror and low vibrational movies.
Monitor what your young kids are watching..i.e. cartoons.
Too much sex, depletes your energy.
Emotions of hate, fear, envy, fear, greed, worry, mistrust, competition, stress.
Modern feeding of animals and also animal processing methods.
Chemtrails or spraying of our atmospherewith chemicals to stop global warming.
Many electronic technologies also lower your resistance to disease.
Modern vaccines can not be trusted either.
If you are having your baby vaccinated, do not have too many too early or too close together. Some babies are developing autism because of vacinations.
There is also some concern that certain cancer causing  viruses have been put into the poliio vaccine and sugar cube (albeit unintentionally at first) during the 1950s and 1960s and these are now one of the main reasons there is a cancer epidemic.
Read Edward  Haslam's book - "Dr Mary's Monkey" available on Abebooks.com
Sleeping over underground streams or negative earth leylines.

How do we Start to heal?
We begin to heal by purifying these areas of our life, which raises our vibrational frequency which repels and dis-encourages disease from developing. Purification also strengthes our immune system and increases our self healing mechanism in the physical body.
Eat more raw food, preferably oranically grown.
Buy a reverse osmosis water filter to remove fluoride and other chemicals from your water.
Take Chelated minerals and vitamins.
Remove mercury amalgam from your teeth.
Use unfluoridated toothpaste.

Listen to more classical or new age music that does not have the rock beat.
Exercise- learn chi gung or yoga or Tai Chi, swimming etc., to unblock the etheric body.
Salt baths are good for cleansng our etheric body.
Laugh often, watch comedies instead of violence, horror, war movies. They all lower your energy and all pictures are recorded in your memory body/etheric body and sub-conscious mind.
Walk out in nature and take swims in the ocean as salt water is very cleansing.
Smudge with native american sage...white sage, to cleanse your aura.
Use essential oils
Meditate and Pray.
Fast often. Many people do a fast once a week.
Always bless your food and say thanks.
Be grateful for your life...do not envy others, all people have their own problems.
Use the Violet Flame of Transmutation to cleanse toxins from food, the environment and to cleanse all areas of your body and the four lower bodies.
Mix with positive people not people who pull you down emotionally.
Wear gold and crystals.
Look on the beauties of nature.
Get adequate sleep.
Do not spend all day on electronic technology.
Enjoy your garden and your pets.
Do not react emotionally to everything...stay calm.
Use spiritual practices to protect your aura and the physical body. White Light Protection.
There are technologies available that knock out electronic pollution... organite, Geomack technology, purple plates for purifying food.
Many of the above things you can do whilst under orthodox medicine.
Cuddle your loved ones often and express affection and praise.

Blessed Be and Be Well!

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