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Your Spiritual Self- Who You Are!
You are a spiritual being having an experience in a 3rd dimensional physical body.The physical is energetically the densest body of all the seven bodies of man.
  1. Tree of Life System and the Seven Bodies of Man -The ancient wisdom teachings state that there are seven bodies through which the universal energy or cosmic light flows. Another way of describing a body is as an energy field or bubble of energy of certain wavelengths of light and sound frequency that surrounds our physical body. Each energy body reflects a colour and expresses a stage of consciousness.

These seven bodies consist of four lower bodies; the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies and these bodies correspond to the four elements of matter being; fire (Etheric or memory body), air (Mental body), water (Emotional body) and earth (Physical body). The three higher bodies are (1) The I AM Presence or our individualized God Presence that holds the divine blueprint for our soul (2) The Causal body which surrounds the I AM Presence. This is the memory body that holds the record of all our divine good works of thought, word and deed, our treasures in heaven. Our individual I AM Presence is connected/achored to the Central sun of this universe via a crystal energetic  cord that sustains our  life.

(3) The Christ Self or the higher mental body is the middle figure in the Chart of the I AM Presence on the left.

When we purify and raise our consciousness and light quotient, we then become a candidate for the ascension, or move to levels beyond the fourth dimension and the mass consciousness, the “Ring Pass Not” and meld with our eternal Christ self in higher dimensions.

In other words, we move beyond the matrix of third and the fourth dimensional worlds. These higher dimensions are actually inner worlds.

These seven bodies are the vehicles emanated by the higher self for the purpose of gaining experience. Each body is composed of substance more subtle than the one before. Clairvoyants are seldom attuned, to seeing more than one or two of the first four bodies. Some clairvoyants just see the bodies as lines of force and do not distinguish them from the auras emitted by the bodies. The first five of these bodies, are interpenetrating one with another and are interlocked during waking consciousness.

  1. I AM PRESENCE The I AM Presence is a person’s individualized God presence or their permanent atom of being, that connects the individual with the Godhead in the Central Sun of this universe. It is the light from the heart of the I AM Presence that keeps our heart beating and which we use in every thought, word and deed. It is good to pray, to the I AM Presence daily and to acknowledge it as your highest God Self. See the top figure surrounded by gold and rainbow rays in the I AM Presence chart on the left

  2. The Holy Christ Self or Higher Self -Higher Mental Body This is the real self of the individual in purified form and acts as mediator between man and God or the Infinite Creative Intelligence. It is our higher self or Christ Self whom we should attune to when seeking guidance. When one reaches the perfection of the Christ Self or higher self, they meld with this higher self in the ascension. This is also called “putting on the wedding garment of the lord” or the ‘deathless solar body’ or ‘Light Body’ or ‘Sun Body.’The second figure in the I AM Presence chart on the left.

  3. The Etheric Body- The bridge between the inner and outer.

The etheric subtle body sometimes called the etheric double interpenetrates the physical body and extends beyond it for approximately four or five inches. It is the first and highest in frequency of the four lower bodies of man and corresponds to the fire element and the first quadrant of matter. It is the envelope of the soul and holds the blueprint or light pattern of the divine plan for the individual through the 144 nadis and the seven chakras. It is also called the memory body and holds all memories from past life experiences.The higher Etheric body is designed to record the perfection of the I AM Presence and to anchor in man the divine blueprint of his Christed individuality. The Lower Etheric body is the subconscious mind, that stores the data of man's life- his experiences,his thoughts,, his feelings, his words and his acitons, which are expressed thorugh the mental, emotional an dphysical bodies .It is a record of our karma, positive and negative.

The etheric body also carries the duplicate or blueprint for the physical body. It is an energetic or subtle vibratory body. The etheric body is the matrix upon which the physical body is formed. It is also the body through which we contact higher realms as it is the bridge to those realms.

The endocrine system is controlled and energized by the seven major chakras in the etheric body. A lot of ailments are caused partially by the slowing of the spin in the chakras and not enough light reaching the major organs and cells of the physical body.

The etheric body has channels called nadis, which channel light energy from the chakras throughout the body. The meridians and nadis of the etheric body are like the bloodstream of that body. Of the fourteen principal energy channels, the three most prominent nadis are those around the spine. The left channel Ida, (the pale lunar nadi) and the right channel Pingala, (the red solar nadi), spiral in opposite directions around the central energy channel or Sushumma that runs through the spinal column from the base of the spine to the brain. These three meet and then separate again between the eyes at the Agni Chakra often portrayed as a third eye in eastern mysticism.

Chakras and meridians and nadis become blocked when our mental, emotional and physical actions as well as past life memories that are stored in the etheric body, are not in harmony with universal law. Chakras, nadis and meridians can be blocked by external entities from the astral plane or by people who have corded into us on the physical plane.

Cosmic vital force cannot flow through the blocked meridians or past the chakras that spin and act as pumps pushing the vital force through our bodies. Remember, as we discuss these topics we are talking about the energy-electronic light substance (filaments of light) that keeps us alive and of which we are made.

When the physical and etheric bodies become depleted, we are more susceptible to catching disease and manifesting ill health and premature ageing. A strong etheric body acts as a protective shield against infection, germs and colds, as it is vibrating at a very fast electronic frequency of light. One way we purify and enlighten the energy in the etheric body is through, prayer, decrees, affirmations and mantras and meditations centred on the God-Infinite Creative Intelligence and by maintaining a life of purity. For good health our chakras need to be flowing harmoniously.

Alternative healers and psychologists say that there is a psychosomatic cause to disease, apart from physical and environmental causes. Uncontrolled emotions, inhibitions and suppressed feelings, such as anger and intense worry, and negative thinking have undesirable effects on the etheric body. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, coffee, anaesthetics and injections can all cause depletion of the etheric body and result in the immune system becoming lowered and then we are more likely to contract disease. Taking narcotic drugs and smoking, and experiencing severe trauma or shock can actually tear holes in our etheric body.

An analogy for a healthy etheric body would be to compare to a quickly rotating propeller of a plane that deflects anything thrown at it. If the oscillations of the electrons of the etheric body are kept vibrating at a high level, through pure living and balance in our emotions and thoughts, germs and disease are unable to enter the physical body, as germs and viruses on a molecular level are also vibratory. People who maintain a high vibratory energy body through harmonious living (providing there are no genetic or hereditary problems) and who have a strong immune system do not easily contract germs and viruses and become ill.

Different angelic beings work with the colours that influence the seven chakras in the etheric body. We are told by the Ascended Masters, that in this current era to concentrate on the three higher chakras, being the heart, throat and crown and not to work in the old occult way with the lower chakras and the energy in the base of the spine. By working on the higher chakras, the lower chakras are developed by our I AM Presence without having to struggle through the human qualities as formerly.

The etheric body is the receiver and distributor of the vital life force, called prana or chi or Qi. The etheric body is of the same shape as the physical body and its element is fire. If the Etheric Body is damaged you lose your light and energy on a physical level. The colour orange and the Aura Soma orange pomander can help with the healing of tears of the Etheric body and also the angels can stitch up tears. Just ask them.

D. The Emotional Subtle Body-  which aligns and expresses our emotions is also one of the four lower bodies. It relates to the water element. It is a repsoitory of man's own feelings,his desires and his emotions ( energies in motion) which are many and not always peaceful.  As tides of the sea are affected by the cycles of the moon, so the emotional/water body is pulled by lunar influences, as we can see when it is full moon. We can still the emotional body by saying -In th ename of the Christ - "Peace be Still. Controlling the emotional body in harmony is necessary for the Ascension.

          E. The Three Fold Flame in the Heart- Ascended Master Teachings inform us that within our heart is a flame known as the three fold flame. Within the average human heart, this little flame is said to be only one-sixteenth of an inch high. It consists of three plumes, one is blue, one is yellow and one is pink. It is charged with electronic light substance and the blue plume represents the spiritual power of faith, goodwill and divine intent. The yellow plume represents wisdom, illumination and the right use of knowledge and the expansion of God intelligence. Wisdom means “wise dominion,” and man has been given dominion over the earth, but we are not using it wisely. The pink plume represents divine love with the qualities of mercy, compassion, justice and creativity. The three-fold flame is situated in the etheric energy body and it helps to keep our physical heart beating and it is energized by a ray of light from the I AM Presence. When you are in love or when you feel through an expression of spirit and spiritual practice a burning or heat in the heart on the left side of your body, this is the threefold flame burning brightly.

The threefold flame is the flame of the Christ anchored, a spark of light anchored in the heart of the sons and daughters of God. Often when one is saying prayer or devotions, mantras, they may feel their threefold flame glowing in their heart. Also with the first breath of a newborn child, sometimes the nursing staff may see a pink flush on the skin near the heart. This is the lighting/illumination of the three fold flame in the heart fanned by the breathe of spiritual power from the oxygen in the air and the Angel of the Holy Spirit who overseers birth. To the extent that we use the energies of love, wisdom and power in our own expressions in balance through thought, feeling, word and deed, we expand the threefold flame in the heart.

       F. The Kundalini - In Sanskrit the kundalini is also referred to as the kundalini sakti and the Goddess Kundalini, and it is one of the elemental forces of nature in the matter spheres. The kundalini, is often drawn as a snake rising up in a caduceus spiral and is seen in the symbol of the medical profession. It is also known, as the Divine light of the Mother or the Omega light or energy. The Divine light of the Father in the Bible is called Alpha. The energy has a circular winding or spiral action and refers to the energies of the Divine Mother at the base of the spine and when these energies rise to the crown through purified chakras to meet the energies of the father, we experience enlightenment of the Alpha and Omega flow or cosmic consciousness. When this occurs we receive the occult gifts of spirit (like Jesus had) that go with fully awakened and fully functioning chakras.

Forcing the raising of the kundalini fire through impure chakras may cause insanity, illness, schizophrenia and other maladies as it pulls discordant memories that are stored in the subconscious mind into the conscious mind and may overload the conscious mind with negative polarized energy and memories. When this happens, people undergo what is now called, “spiritual emergency.” The “Spiritual Emergency Network” has been established in several countries in the west to cater for westerners who are experiencing premature spontaneous kundalini arousal. Western Psychologists, are not really aware of the kundalini and its effect and its power in psychological problems. Sometimes the kundalini may rise spontaneously during childbirth, or even sexual activity or forcing of the kundalini through eastern techniques, drug use and before the chakras have been purified.

When the chakras are purified through spiritual decrees, meditation, mantras, prayers and the ‘Violet Flame,’ the kundalini under the direction of the I AM Presence will rise safely in its own perfect time, through the purified chakras to the crown chakra. It is interesting to note that the Catholic Church in their prayers of the “Hail Mary Rosary” are actually helping to raise the divine light of the mother safely. Hail Mary esoterically means, Hail to the Mother Ray or Ma-ray- Mary.

Mary was a representative of the divine feminine on earth. Enlightenment occurs according to the evolution of the soul and cannot be achieved through a quick course and usually requires years of spiritual practice and soul experience.

When it occurs spontaneously and cosmic consciousness occurs naturally, then it is because the soul of the person has earned that experience and occurs safely under the direction of their higher self and I AM Presence. Often this may occur around the years of 33 or 34 years of age when the soul is at a certain level of spiritual initiation and they will usually, have been shown symbolically the path they are on in this lifetime. For accounts of people who have experienced their kundalini awakening safely I recommend the book by R.M. Bucke – Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind and C. & S. Grof, - The Stormy Search for Self: Understanding and Living with Spiritual Emergency.

       G. The SoulThe soul is currently the impermanent atom of being and the seed of selfhood, anchored in time and space in the matter planes. It is here so it can evolve into a self realized God through its own freewill. The soul is surrounded by an electronic force field of its negative karma that keeps it bound to time and space. Its positive karma or good works (treasures in heaven) are energetically contained in the causal body in rainbow coloured spheres surrounding the I AM Presence. Souls incarnate into matter to gain mastery of the laws of creation, through their own free will. However, over the many incarnations, souls have forgotten their true origins. Awakened and evolving souls, are consciously working towards their ascension. The soul becomes permanent and free once the ascension is obtained. The Ascended Masters say that souls can be lost, through gathering too much negative karma/negative deeds once their destined cycle is finished in time and space. We only have a certain amount of time, within the cycles of re-incarnation and time and space to gain the ascension. This is why ‘Freedom’ is paramount to the evolving soul.

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